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Bucket List

The Bucket List

Looking at my life, I can see the bucket list I have set for myself.

-Graduate high school

-Get a college education

-Get married

-Visit Hawaii

But what do these goals mean in the long-run?

And I am not talking about “in your mid-seventies looking back at all your life” long-run.

I mean, how do any of these accomplishments fulfill God’s purpose for you here on this planet?

It is so easy for us Christians to think that as we are setting socially acceptable, “good” goals for our lives that we are living the right way.

But the reality of it is that you cannot take your diploma with you.

You cannot take your favorite ice cream.

You cannot take your 1999 trip to Disney Land Mickey ears.

When you die, none of those things will matter. And the great part is that it won’t bother you that they won’t matter! You will be given the chance to reunite with love itself; able to live a life, forever, with the one who had been there with you through it all and loved you anyways.

However, imagine standing in front of Him, with nothing on your spiritual bucket list crossed off. The person you didn’t stop to help, the friend you never tried to lead to Christ, the parent you never forgave.

Wouldn’t it feel awful?

So stop the pattern.

Stop trying to live a “good” life here on this earth, but start working towards a good life when you finally reunite with Christ.

How can you do this?

Pray to God, ask Him to lead you towards marking all the things off your spiritual bucket list.

But don’t just pray…..DO!

Go out there and put time aside for God, whether that be reading your bible, eating lunch with the person you know desperately needs Christ’s love in their life, or simply taking the afternoon off to help someone move houses.

By setting such goals for your life, you are glorifying God!

Colossians 3:23-24, 1 Corinthians 10:23-24

***Setting those “good” goals in your life is not useless. Do not drop out of school because of this blog. All of these “good” things that you do can be used to glorify Christ. You just need to make sure that they do.




I have dimples. That is all you need to know. Just kidding. I am Jeli. In the past year I have undergone a lot of life-altering events in which my faith has really benefited. I have learned a lot about what I have done wrong and what I should do right. That is why I am here, on TAYA. I want to tell you guys about those things that I did wrong, and to brainstorm ideas with you all on how to do right. So venture with me, think with me, and pray with me. :) Let's do this thing!

  • What a great blog!! It is a Wonderful thing that you have come to these realizations on this side of eternity. Living in Gods will will always give you life more abundant!! That doesn’t mean Always perfect but abundant Higher mountaintops and lower valleys but it is an amazing Ride!
    So honesty prayerfully consider Gods plan for you and get out and do it!! Don’t get so tunnel visioned and focused on your will for your life that you don’t see the big picture!! God has something great for you so find it!!
    Thanks for this great post Jeli!!



  • @ Jeli, Thanks for writing this awesome blog! I love what it says and the direction it goes. When we fully grasp this that is what opens us up to live life more abundantly. Living for something that moths cannot destroy, and robbers cannot steal.



  • It really relieves a lot of stress and pressure too! This world puts so much pressure for us to fit into this box of idealism that we can never achieve leaving us exhausted and worn out! It is the devils trick to use good things like Jobs, sports and school to keep us distracted from what our true calling is!!
    Only when you are living in Gods perfect will do you find true joy and purpose!!



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